With this Workshop co-organised together with the Faculty of Medicine (University of Sfax ), and the Young Tunisian Researchers in Biology, we plan to carry on impacting a wide range of communities in Africa, as we have already experienced from previous workshops. DrosAfrica has trained over 80 people from 8 institutions in 7 different African countries. These individuals constitute an important part of the future of research in Africa. We strongly encourage members of African institutions, especially women, to apply.

To apply to the workshop please login (you must register first). Deadline for receiving applications is August 20th 2019. For more information please contact us.

The workshop will run for ten days, from 9am to 7pm. Theoretical sessions will take place in the mornings, followed by a discussion session before lunch. Laboratory (practical) sessions will take place after lunch. All participants and faculty will stay at the University of Sfax campus, as surveys after previous workshops showed that “out of the class” interactions during the evenings were extremely valued by the participants. Fees are €450, which include a packed lunch, and dinner.

The venue will be the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sfax. The Faculty of Medicine provides basic and continuous medical training as well as carriying out fundamental and applied research.

Established in 1986 as the university of the south, University of Sfax has almost 30,000 students divided in 5 faculties, 3 colleges, 12 institutes, and a research center. The University, is now a comprehensive institution of learning with academic programmes in Arts, Science, Medical Sciences, Economics, Law , Engineering et cetera. University of Sfax main aim is to be a world-class institution for academic excellence and to meet the needs of a modern Tunisian society. Today, the University of Sfax is consistently ranked among the most prestigious Universities in Africa.

Sfax is located 270 km southeast of Tunis. The city is the capital of the Sfax Governorate and an important Mediterranean port. Sfax Governorate has a population of around 950,000. The main economic activities of Sfax are industries (phosphate processing), agriculture and fishing -- Sfax is the largest fishing port in Tunisia. The city is the second-most populous city after the capital Tunis. Its old history and culture makes Sfax a place worth visiting. You can find here a list of Tunisian airports and information about flights.

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